Rave Developers

Matt Daskilewicz

Matt is the creator and lead developer of Rave. He is currently a research engineer at the Aerospace Systems Design Lab at Georgia Tech. His research focuses on multi-objective decision making methods, especially the use of multi-objective optimization as an enabler to inverse design and the use of multivariate visualization to inform design decisions. Matt received a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering in 2005, an M.S. in Aerospace Engineering in 2007, and a PhD in 2013, all from Georgia Tech.

Visit Matt Daskilewicz's website at the Aerospace Systems Design Lab

Brian German

Dr. Brian German is an Assistant Professor in the School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech. His primary research focus areas are multi-disciplinary optimization, statistical methods, and decision theory applied to aerospace vehicle design and systems engineering. He also conducts research in aerodynamic, propulsion, subsystems, and performance models suitable for aircraft conceptual and preliminary design.

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